On Wittering!

Today is a tantrum day not a trust one. I am tired. I’ve had a stressful week with a 3 o’clock bedtime waiting for a poorly boy and daddy to come back from hospital having broken his wrist, a hubby being medicated for severe depression and having horrid issues with work, a visit from parents and six children who are just wittering.

I can’t cope with wittering. They’re not being naughty – actually, they are playing together beautifully but a combination of 6 voices all talking inanely at the same time and then hubby trying to hold a conversation with me over the top of it and my head feels like it’s about to explode. I can’t tell them off because they aren’t being naughty and it’s unfair to tell them to just shut up really, isn’t it? Could take myself out of the equation but that seems unfair on my poor husband who is also tired and stressed. Help!!!