Why do we always……

Want what we can’t have?

Case in point. I have to go and pick up the kids from school soon and it’s tipping it down. Normally, G would be moaning at having to go out and get wet but today, when I have my parents here and he can stay home, he’s crying and making such a fuss about wanting to go with me.

It’s not just kids though, is it? We are all like it. “The grass is always greener on the other side!”

Well today, I’m going to try to be different. Today I’m going to appreciate what I have and enjoy it and cultivate it rather than spending precious time wishing for things that, let’s face it, I wouldn’t appreciate either if I had them!wpid-if_the_grass_is_always_greener_on_the_other_side_magnet-p147750492044691155q6ju_400-2011-06-22-14-53.jpg