The Apprentice…..


Alan Sugar is looking for an Apprentice. The people who apply first have to provide lots of reasons as to why he should pick them and basically boast in their abilities and their personalities to make him choose them in the first place.

They then have to give up everything – their job, their home and families (only temporarily I know but stay with me!) and commit themselves 24 hours a day to his beck and call for a period of time in the hope that they won’t hear the words, “You’re Fired!” but instead reach the end of the competition and be told, “You’re Hired!”.

I am Jesus’ apprentice. When applying for the job, I had to acknowledge that I was rubbish, that I had nothing to offer except myself and what he had given me in the first place. That nothing I did would ever be good enough and that I would let him down time and time again.

I do have to give up everything to follow him but he then gives it back to me to look after and so much more besides. I do have to commit to him 24 hours a day forever but in return, he blesses me with abundant life today and eternity tomorrow.

And the best thing? I will never hear the words, “You’re fired!” because this is no competition with only one winner at the end. He sent his only son to die on the cross so that he could say to me, right at the beginning, “You’re hired!”.