Counting your blessings!

So, you have your parents arriving to stay tomorrow, the house is a tip, the kids are doing their very best to make it worse and as quickly as you tidy up, they mess it all up again. You have finally finished including cleaning the bathrooms and they are spotless for the first time in a couple of weeks all at the same time. You finally sit down for a drink and you hear an ominous sound. Your son upstairs is vomiting all over the upstairs bathroom before coming down to tell you he’s been sick and then running into the downstairs one but not quite making the bowl hitting all the walls, floor and just about everywhere else instead.

You have two choices. You can either rail at God (and your poor husband) about how unfair life is, how you work constantly at trying to keep a house tidy and just know that as soon as you’ve finished it will all need doing again. Everything is futile. You are unappreciated. Nobody thinks about how hard you work. The kids just take you for granted and life is a great big pile of poo……

Or you get up and start all over again thanking God that he has given you six amazing children who make the most unholy mess but who have the most amazing personalities, who give you more joy than you could have thought possible and who make life such an exciting and wonderful journey.


Alternatively, you can let your lovely husband clean it up for you!!! 😉